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Probate in California

If your loved one has passed away, we are sorry for your loss. If you are looking at this page, it is likely that you are confused and frustrated about dealing with your loved one’s estate. Losing a loved one can be overwhelming. Coupled with the challenges of dealing with financial and legal details, this is likely a stressful and exhausting time.

At Jewels J. Jin, Esquire, APC, our compassionate attorneys have experience with probate law and can help you and your family during this difficult time. We can help you validate the will and help you understand the paperwork that is necessary as well as how the final distribution of assets will be determined.

Probate Cases

Our estate planning and probate attorneys handle the following types of cases:

  • Last will and testament contests
  • Trust contests
  • Probate litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Probate administration

Santa Ana Probate Attorney Services Provided

Probate law is an extremely complicated and complex field of law. We can help you with the following matters after your loved one passes away:

  • Determine if probate is required or recommended
  • Determine which type of probate is appropriate in your unique case
  • Prepare all legal documents necessary to initiate the probate process, including the petition for appointment of a personal representative, filing a bond, issuing a Notice to Interested Persons and providing all the information necessary to heirs and devisees
  • Offer assistance to the personal representative to open an estate bank account, help determine which creditors to pay, examine contested claims, gather information regarding tax preparation, provide an inventory of the estate’s assets, help with the sale and disposition of assets and any other help that the personal representative of the estate may need.
  • Prepare all documents needed for probate including the Final Account, the General Judgment and any documents necessary for the Supplemental Judgment and closing of the estate.

Helping Your Family

You are likely stressed and anxious during this time, coupled with the loss of a loved one. We can assist spouses, children, executors, estate administrators and heirs of an estate through the probate process. At The Jewels Jin Law Firm, we help our clients determine the property of the estate and distribute assets according to their loved one’s last will and Testament, trust or other estate planning document.

We can also represent heirs, potential heirs, and estate administrators or executors in any contests of last will and testaments.

Probate Law

Probate and estate law can be complex and ever-changing. We can help you navigate the entire process. Rest assured that your loved one’s assets will be distributed according to their wishes and according to the law.

Contact an Experienced California Probate Lawyer Today

If someone you loved passed away and you are facing the prospect of going through the probate process with their estate, contact our experienced attorneys today to help you understand your legal rights. Jewels J. Jin, Esquire, APC, will strive to get you the best possible outcome in a challenging and overwhelming time. Contact our law firm at 714-200-2973 or online today for your free consultation.


When someone dies without a will in California, their estate passes through the state’s intestate laws. These are statutory rules about which descendants will inherit assets from the decedent.

Hiring a lawyer to assist you and your family through the probate process can be beneficial for the administration of any estate. If there is an issue with the will, multiple wills, and a contested will, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer.

Generally, in California, estates valued at more than $150,000 must go through probate. There are a few exceptions, such as if the decedent’s spouse survives them.

Typically, the probate process takes about 8-to-12 months, but this can vary depending on the details of the estate and related issues.

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