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Running a business is full of potential reward, but it is also full of risk. If you are involved in a business dispute with legal implications that the parties cannot resolve amicably, one party may seek to file a claim in court against the other. Most common, business litigation involves allegations of breach of contract, but it can also be based on intellectual property infringement, negligence, theft of trade secrets, and more.

A breach of contract action arises when one party alleges that another has violated the terms of a valid and enforceable contract. Not all contracts must be in a signed writing in order to be enforceable, but in some cases, this is a requirement. The contract must also be drafted in a way that is enforceable by the court. If the contract is deemed valid and enforceable, anyone who agreed to be bound to the contract—for which there was consideration or an exchange of value—and violates one or more clauses of the contract, may be held legally responsible for damages incurred by a non-breaching party as a result.

Oftentimes, parties involved in business litigation can come to a compromise and enter into a settlement agreement. However, when no resolution can be reached, the case may be litigated in court.

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