A person’s journey to receiving legal justice can be long and arduous. A person’s journey to receiving justice for another person can be even longer. Jewels Jin, Attorney at Law, has committed herself to helping people reach that justice through various areas of law: Personal Injury Claims including Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Business Litigation, and Family Matters including Child Custody Disputes, Divorce and Probate. However, Jewels’s journey to becoming a protector for her clients wasn’t simply because she was familiar with the legal system, or even because she had a relative or a role model who was an attorney. Her journey started as a personal one because of her own experiences of injustice growing up. With every injustice, a drive within her began to grow, hoping to one day become someone that could guard other people from the legal bullies in this world.
​Born in South Korea, Jewels Jin immigrated to Oahu at an early age. After arriving in Hawaii, she quickly realized the difficulties of cultural assimilation. Her parents weren’t wealthy, so she developed a strong work ethic at the age of 15 to become independent and self-supporting. Soon thereafter she got her first taste of the legal system when a group of four men in a car purposely rear-ended her family’s car trying to extort money by staging an accident. They threatened, harassed and intimidated Jewels’s family to accept fault. This catapulted Jewels’s family into our complex legal system involving police officers and lawyers who refused to be an advocate for her family who were the actual victims. One of the country’s biggest insurance companies with self-serving intentions attempted to take advantage of her family’s limited English, pressuring them to make uninformed decisions. Jewels and her family had no choice but to defend themselves in that fight against a big corporation. To this day, she remembers the frustration and helplessness they felt. Feeling injustice, repressed and wronged, she became stronger and later ignited her desire to help other victims of this abuse within the legal system, forcing the truth to come to light and fighting for justice to all that walk through her office doors.
Jewels Jin’s desire to help people defend and stand up for their rights led to her current career and now this fittingly titled blog. Jewels began to study law, graduating from Chapman University, Fowler School of Law in 2011. Her education led her to the Trial Advocacy Partnership Program, better known as TAP, where she started working with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

By 2014, Jewels already began to get recognized in her community and was awarded the Client’s Choice award for family law and general practice stemming from exceeding reviews from her clients and peers. In 2017, as the by-product of exceptional results Jewels has gotten for her clients, she was recognized for her Excellence in the Practice of Law by the Lawyers of Distinction, ranking her top 10% of all attorneys in the United States. In 2019, she was recognized as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers, ranking her in the top 5% of attorneys in California. The Rising Star award is one of the highest honors for any attorney, nominated by her peers who have observed her exceptional results. Jewels Jin is proud to have come thus far and wants to empower all of her clients to stand up and fight for their rights, regardless of who or what is standing in their way. Through her legal and life experiences, she knows how to overcome and win for the people she represents and will stop at nothing until justice has been reset.

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